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Work Together!

     Join a group that feeds your soul and connects you to kindred spirits, such as: 

Extinction Rebellion/ (XR) and / or the Boston Red Rebel Brigade: international nonviolent mobilization including civil disobedience and performance art to raise awareness and demand action.

Sierra Club/ Massachusetts: Action Alerts for specific issues; contact your legislators to make an impact.

FRAACS: Fore River Residents (Weymouth) Against the Compressor Station

Green Roots: Working for environmental justice and improved quality of life, GreenRoots is a community-based organization dedicated to improving and enhancing the urban environment and public health in Chelsea and surrounding communities.

Sunrise Movement: Youth banding together to stop climate change and create good jobs across America

Creation Care or other initiative in your faith community for a just, equitable and clean energy economy in Massachusetts

Mothers Out Front showing up to protect our children

And so many more in your community or search online.

     You’re already trying to minimize your carbon footprint. Keep up the good work!

Look for good news to keep up your spirits – like Yes! Magazine online, the Transition Network, the solutions in Drawdown by Paul Hawken, How to Save a Planet podcast, successes of friends, etc.

image credit: greg mangan

Individual Actions 

     Believe that together, we can create a fairer, more sustainable and more joyful future!

As a climate activist I often wonder: Where is everybody? 

How do so many people maintain their indifference to the suffering the climate emergency is bringing, while others like Wynn Bruce act out in such selfless ways? 

Perhaps the observation that ownership of property permits its destruction has led us to understand that the only thing we can truly own are our actions.

Fifty years worth of words have failed to make any difference. 

And so we act. 

And by our actions we are trying to direct attention to this climate crisis.  Non-violence is the only limitation we place on what are acceptable tactics. 

And so we march; 

and we hand out leaflets; 

and we talk; 

And we listen;

and we hold up signs; 

and we sing; 

and we try to entertain; 

and we educate; 

And we worry;

and we console;

and we warn;

and we annoy; 

and we cajole; 

and we disrupt; 

And then we argue amongst ourselves about which actions went too far.

And which actions went ineffectually not far enough. 

But though it all, the progress we hope for is that some part of our actions inspire more people to act.

It’s been reported that none of Wynn Bruce’s friends knew what he was planning. 

And also that, had they known, they would have done everything they could to discourage him.

So, It’s an easy argument to suggest that Wynn Bruce’s action went too far.

But I think it’s wrong to say that his selfless act was not inspirational.

No one knows exactly what Wynn’s hopes or expectations were.

But, I have hope that he will be an inspiration for others to act, and that more people may begin to understand the gravity of the crises we all are facing. 

As an individual, it’s easy to feel like nothing you do will ever make a difference.

Perhaps Wynn Bruce was simply unwilling or unable to accept that feeling.

It remains to be seen whether or not Wynn Bruce has made a difference.  But as we look forward to the task set out for climate activists it is my hope that when we feel like we just can’t  – then our thoughts of Wynn Bruce will inspire us to look to each other for help, to build community, and be a part of that difference that simply has to be made..

There is nothing we can’t accomplish if enough of us work together.

So with respect and gratitude to Wynn Bruce and in solidarity with all climate activists:

See you in the streets!

And may Wynn Bruce rest in peace and power.

~ Greg Madagan , XR & Red Rebel Boston