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Boston’s Climate Emergency Performance Art Troupe


You CAN Make a Difference!

Talk to People 

Connect on the basis of shared values, not fear: wanting a secure future for our kids, loving outdoor activities, helping our economy, moral or religious values. When we connect about our shared concerns, we can begin to work together.

Group Actions We need a mass movement to change the system!

Find a group you can work with to bring about bigger changes. 

Sign up for a newsletter or action alert for specific things you can do.

Email, phone, meet to share your views with legislators and media. (Even if your legislators already support your views, your letters and phone calls strengthen their position to pass legislation.)

Participate in public actions, target your banking and investing, donate to good causes, pressure corporations and policymakers.


Red Rebels appearances draw attention to Earth’s climate emergency.

Why do we wear red robes? Why do we process in silence? What is the meaning of our gestures?

Click buttons below to find out more about our orientations & actions.

Red Rebel Brigade, Boston, MA

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